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The hairstylists secrets of hair prepping

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Stuff we totally want you to know , but often forget to mention and secrets !

So what is hair prepping!?

Just like skin, you gotta prepare your hair for the job you expect it to do!

It’s kinda like boycotting all moisturizer and foundation; but expecting great looking skin – your not doing yourself any favours! It’s the same with hair , if you want big loose curls for your wedding day, prep is key to make my job easier !

So it’s basically product and preparation !

Is this just for vintage hair!?

Absolutely NOT ! – ALTHOUGH it’s probably more spoken about , any retro obsessed babe will have a go to setting lotion and ‘set’ product on hand

So it’s for any kind of curls or updo! (Like bridal hair )

Absolutely! Preparing your hair for a long day makes absolute sense !

It helps protect hair – hold curls – help fizz in some cases and even add volume and shine !

What’s the difference between prep and sets?

So prep – that’s what you do BEFORE the styling process starts (I arrive)

It’s what shampoo you use and products you use ; even when you wash your hair !

Set is before the styling process – it’s the cooling process that sets the hair and even in modern / messy or textured updos , the hair often need to be heated into a shape (curl) and cooled (don’t touch or out in rollers ect) to ‘set’ or fix it.


Let them cool super tight and awkward looking , them pull them into place


How to do it!?

Start with washing. –

To greasy , it’s impossible to work with/manipulate

To clean , it’s got no hold!

So general rule of thumb is to wash the night before – 2 shampoos , minimal conditioner


Tip – off the shelf shampoos can leave a ‘coating’ making your hair slippy , this isn’t actually very heathy and can build up to the point your dream style will simply ‘slip’ out!

A deep cleansing or professional shampoo could be a better option; talk to your stylist!

Most volume shampoo & conditioner ‘rough’ up the ‘roof tile ‘ like structure of your hair , meaning it’s not too slippy and helps add grit , these aren’t always recommended to coloured hair so speak to your stylist!

Product – depending on your desired result it can vary

But again rule of thumb is

  1. A good shampoo that will help add ‘grit’ and not coat your hair into slippyness
  2. A heat protection , your about to go through a high heat process it’s a must to protect your locks!
  3. Something with a bit of hold; mostly I find professional heat protections do other things – such as ‘protect and volume’ so you can get two products in one! It may be setting lotion , moose or sea salt spray – but it’s a great investment!
  4. Shine – most people will need a spot of oil on the ends to keep hair heathy and shiny, your stylist should have some and it’s best to ask if they prefer to apply it – because if your too heavy handed it can really way down the hair… But day to day styling it’s great product!

So you need different kinds of products for different results and hair type

But they all follow the same rules….

You may need a setting lotion and hair hairspray for a retro set.

But salt spray and lighter textured hold spray for a textured updo


But turning up with damp to clean hair… It almost impossible to work with !

So don’t skimp or skip if you want hair that lasts!

Get that hair prepped and make TIME the day before –

For more information or to inquire about booking bridal hair with Plaits and Pin Curls please visit

Dresses with POCKETS!

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I was lucky enough to be one of popsy clothing’s customer models, it was lovely to be trusted to show off their brand and pocket filled lovely-ness!

Let’s get to the dresses…..

The Kimber dress is a navey midi with a tie belt, v neck and 3/4 sleeves.

It’s more flattering than a past midi I had since it hugs your top more , the tie belt pulls you in without being uncomfortable or restricted and the skirts such a dream!

I love it being longer, I can hide leggings under in the winter and due to the dark backing and bright polka it’s easy to go from summer to winter just by changing up your shoes!

I’m really excited this midi wasnt a maxi on my 5’2 frame!

How rare!

Next up… more colour!

This one really had me! I love bright colours and quirky prints, its lots of FUN.

I dont ware alot of low cut stuff now (no real reason) but it didnt seem to low to show off your bra

Again super flattering shape, and I personally love a gathered waist I can eat more cake 😆

I suppose my only comment is I’d of loved a yellow belt rather than brown, but that’s my preference!


Cant wait to see it in spring, with dolly shoes

And the little black dress…..

Little black dress…. we should all own one !

I love the collor on this, it makes it more cutesy than sensible but it’s nice it can do both ,

I absolutely love the sleeves, I did wonder if the floaty sleeves would make me look more top heavy (since I am already) but it didnt at all!

My only issue is it’s hard to put a cardigan on, because the sleeves roll up since they arnt tight or sewn in place; so I think I’d love to see more summer colours and bright prints in this style where jumpers and cardigans arnt a thought!

And so easy to resetyle!


I could ware it anywhere!

Time for tea!?

Black backed and flat front with a adorable tea print !

I liked this one but I have to say, I think I’m in team gathered waist; it’s weird I felt that with (above) the little black dress the sleeves sort of faked a silhouette and shape, but due to the 3/4 sleeves I did feel I needed some suck in pants (I resisted , I’ve been in lockdown and I’m proud 😆)

The flat fronts certainly have less places to hide, but they do seem smarter !

Either way the prints a absolute win on this, you could ware this to work easily and look smart and stylish!

Overall I’m super shocked to say this months releases the midi was my fave! It’s so easy to ware, no fuss and dressy without needing suck in pants!

It’s been lovely to be picked to show off these dresses!

Obviously 5 ft girls with skin conditions arnt the usual to see online, it’s been nice just trying stuff I wouldn’t usually!

Especially after what can only be described as the WORST year in buisness, I cant imagen the time and effort to use “real girl models”

( although EVERY girl is real… )🙌

Best part. They ALL have pockets.

No zips, no need to iron , and they have a little stretch –

And of course beautiful prints and a small female ran local biz …. WINNER



The truth about wedding fares

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Theres a few need to know issues
My engagement ring

Attending a wedding fayre as a bride Vs being the person BEHIND the table are two … VERY DIFFERENT days out.

I know this because I’ve had many stalls when I was starting ; and attended lots of fayres when engaged !

So heres my top tips

  • Layers, whatever side of the table they seem to be freezing in the morning, hot by the afternoon!
  • Go early , again both partys, dont set up in a rush, NETWORK, tag your nabours on social media and get a few follows, and as a couple you’ll avoid that lunch time rush!
  • Investigate , is it inside / outside… food and drink? It should give a idea of the vibe.

But the real secret is…..


And it’s a blooming long, no lunch filled day ??‍♀️

Yep, absolutely everyone you see has paid to be their… to work on their only day off! (Since Saturdays are busy for our industry)

And we go early and leave late… and we arnt promised ANY buisness! – total luck of the day!

Not only does it COST to stand , you also have to make a big deal out of your table –

From buisness cards to price lists to table cloths and tv screens to show your work and reviews, to that “free” bowl of sweeties for the kids and photoframes galore!

  • poor florists are notorious for having to spend money on fresh flowers that obviously… just die!
  • You’ll find most the cakes you see are actually decorated styrofoam, only the tasting cake in most cases is reall, not only would it cost a arm and leg, but cakes go off; this makes them easier to carry/cheaper and long living
  • And if your actually selling stock, well okay you get to make a quicker profit (others may have to wait a year for a booking ) but you also need to outlay enough to cover a table and simply Hope it comes back to you! ?
Our invites from @primandglad , who I met at unconventional wedding fest (unfortunately this was cancelled due to COVID)

This may surprise you as a potential engaged couple, but that’s not all….

  • Behind the scenes your asked to not park close to the building or entrance, this obviously makes OODLES of sense so when guests arrive they have the best spots, however carrying in boxes, banners, cakes, TVs and table decorations is exhausting enough without having to walk AROUND the building, most people are self employed so… your on your own!
  • Theres rarely one of each industry; meaning you will have competition! And they could be cheaper… have more help … or just been in buisness longer , people are really lovely so theirs rarely tension at these things ….. but I did hear about a friend (fellow hairdresser) going and on entry (so she was seen last) was a young stylist just starting offering braids for just £10… and bridal hair for £25 ! We all have to start somewhere, but even with 25 years of experience… nobody really wanted to talk to her by the time they had experienced a cheap braid and pamper , regardless of experience and better quality products. ?
  • Bringing me to placement… there ARE better spots to be in, and you’ll know if you end up in the wrong place
Lovely quote perfect for 2020 brides.

As a stall holder my worst experience was a woman approaching me to look at my photos and compliment my work (oh how lovely!) After a short chat I gave lots of answers and tips , she picked up a photo and said

” oh this is a lovely hair up, this looks like something that could be in a magazine!”

“It actually was thankyou! ……”

The woman then pulled out her phone.. snapped a photo of all my hard work and said …

” ah bet my chantelle can do this easy, she copy’s hair of youtube !”

And walked off ….

??‍♀️ thanks love.

I mean they say it’s the highest form of flattery but, I paid for that!?

Bringing me to my next tips (mainly for stall holders)

1 – keep the freebies HIDDEN to the back and out of sight , so many people crash these things just to see what they can get and its gutting.

2 – have something to remember, testers , cake bits or hair oil to try even a primer they can use on backs of hands…. they will probably chuck the big bag of buisness cards , do something that requires a conversation and will stick with them.

3 – pee and eat…. they will return if they are bothered.

4- research! Can you find it on Facebook? Insta? Google? Have you seen adds? …. well then will clients have? Avoid ones booked on the same day as big events in the same location, it never seems to work out well.

5 – share. Tag. Invite yourself! Most people simply announce when they are their and it’s quite.. .. no, BUILD UP!

Us at a wedding fayre , these badges are colour coded , you may find theres a code to let people know if you have your location and date as your more lightly to book.

Oh and BE KIND! if you already have a cake maker…. dont be snarley or rude ??‍♀️ it happens loads and it really is unesecary

I had a woman moan at me for talking to her because “my daughter does amazing hair… she works for Tony and guy”

…. that’s nice! I just said hello ??

Dont lie and get small buisnesses Hope’s up, just politely say “I’m sorted thankyou though!”





#weddingfayres #weddingfares #weddingfayretips #weddingfarehacks

How to navigate shopping for a alternative wedding dress.

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What i wish I had been told; what I’m glad I did.

Stunning traditional white dress from a past bride

So you’ve binged on say yes to the dress and your up to your eyeballs in dont tell the bride…. your pintrest is full…. and it’s your time? You may already KNOW if you are a unconventional, alternative or unique bride BEFORE you step foot in the door.

Photo by pink Photographics- jacket sammy Lea retro / from our engagement shoot.


And your the first to potentially want to go rouge?

First off me and mum decided to go shopping just us because she wanted that time and experience ! I planned a second shop with more humans, but she did the same with my sister and I know to many cooks can infact spoil the broth – so I decided on my first peice of advice….

TRY ON EVERYTHING – even if you hate it!

Set a limit on budget and how many (or you will be their all day! ) but go for it!

Why!? Because ….

1) you never know!

2) these shopping experiences dont stay fun forever, drink it up!

3) its HER experience too… allow her to see YOU in the dress SHE envisioned, smile , but she will see you hate it

4) letting her pick traditional dresses and genuinely trying them on with a open mind and enjoying it , not only suprised me but made it so much easier when I fell for a alternative dress

5) it will save the “you didnt even try” potential feeling and heartache, you where tiny once . I’m sure shes would like to see you in a traditional white dress once.. even in a changing room!

So I let my mum pick, and the shop assitant pick

This was a 1920s inspired beaded number
I had absolutely no bum in it ? she was beautiful but not for me! I also hate my back on show after years of bad backs… I like it covered.

I was shocked in all fairness, I’m usually a full circle skirt girl, but I know I’m not a high heal person and this was absolutely screaming for someone bottom heavy who loved high heels…. not me!


I was suprised by this one!

This was by far the most traditional and modern dress I tried on… and I’m glad!

I’m glad the ladys at soar valley bride didnt just get it into my head I didnt suit modern, because look at me go, (not my face hahaha) but again it just wasnt me… I wanted flats, colour , I didnt get that I dont ever want to take you off feeling… I got a … I need suck in pants and those awful strapless bra vibes ??‍♀️


I tried on a PROPER princess gown, but oh lord I didnt even make a photo… corsets are the DEVIL and anyone who actually wares one all day needs PAYMENT. My spine… she said… no (my figure said yes)


Mum pulled this one out. She was over budget but mum had a feeling!

It was a stone colour, and the embroidered was just… STUNNING. Obviously I’m very short so excuse the puffy-ness I’m not on my box, but it really did have me raising my eyebrow. ; but again I know mum was right I’d of probably been happy enough in this. But I have to admit I kept wondering what it would have looked liked dip dyed lavender… and that’s when I knew.

Stone wasnt alternative enough for me. – I’d had fun playing dress up! But these hadn’t connected. I wanted to be happy, comfortable and bright! And in my trainers.

My face coming out of the changing room probably sums it up!
She needed straps adding
And buttons
And then she was PERFECT

It wasnt easy picking something outside the “norm” everyone in my family have had whites or “traditional” dresses, I am the FIRST to have colour! And …. it’s not exactly a little ?



I left my dress behind and went next door for a coffee to “think” and instantly burst into tears at the thought of leaving it. Since it was a one off , and the fabic is now discontinued- I just knew she was fate!

Photo by pink Photographics

I couldnt find any advice online? I knew my husband wouldnt care and would love it! But it’s a big purchase, it’s a BIG DEAL and it’s kinda in every photo, I wondered if I was alone asking – is buying alternative harder… is their more options to worry about? More people to potentially upset? More traditions your ignoring? More oldies to worry about? – and I think, I’m not alone, the fact is its unconventional for a reason! You MAY stand on a toe or two…. but if you love it, and you couldnt leave it without crying –

Its probably worth it.

My grandma practically stops people in the STREET to show people “my amazing dress” (who would have thunk it!)

Photo by

It’s the best thing I have ever got – I’m so glad I had the confidence

Even if I did wobble and cry in a coffee shop ?
Photo by

Top tips –

Take a small party, it’s hard enough dont add more options!

Do a small run at a small understanding boutique, support local you’ll be surprised what they have! And they care so much more…. work out what silhouettes work for you and you can always return to buy accessories to thank them even if you dont buy the full dress

Do let your human pick, whoever that is, the one your worried about. Let her SEE you in her vision, dont pout! (In budget!)

Ask the assitant for a pick! They do this all day (in budget)

Have a conversation about your feelings, you are drawn to something unusual, but your minds open. You need support to find what makes you happy, so nobody is left feeling shocked!

If you dont want a veil. Fine! Try one. But it doesnt make you a bride! You choose what makes you a bride. Same with heels, jewelry and a list of other things!

Be you! Enjoy! and alter!

Dont “try” to be anything you’ll know if it’s you or not ?✌

Dress from soar valley brides in sileby who where Amazing start to Finish! ?

#alternative #shoppingexerience #weddingdress


What its actually like to get married in a pandemic

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And wake up in lockdown……

Photography by pink Photographics

So i want to start by saying if you dont follow me on social media , we did have to heartbreakingly cancel our wedding (that’s the big celebration with the guests and the dress and cake and the dance!) We where obviously gutted, but knew we had to see we are so lucky that the legal peice we had planned had a very small hope of the go ahead.


and brides need love right now!
In the car I still couldn’t believe it was going to happen! I can see I’m tence

So , to minimize risk I stayed with Tom the night before, we actually watched the inbetweeners movie and got ready together; I wanted to use my own towels and bedding and not put that pressure on my mum, although I’m taking my temperature every day (this calms my anxiety I may pass something along!) It just felt better to social distance wedding day or not (plus me and tom would be sharing a kiss later anyway!)

I didnt sleep much! And I couldn’t even dare to watch the news or check my feed.

I was scared boris would call it!

But I was dropped at my mums to put on my dress! – hand washing upon arrival, I took my own flask and food and we stayed opposite sides of the room, the atmosphere was 100% different; if the topic moved away for even a second. …… it soon came crashing back to reality.

The topic was one thing only…… covid

We tried and failed to change it. In the end I had to roll with it and try laughing with it .

It was small things, after YEARS of pampering brides doing hair seeing makeup artists, I ironically ended up doing my own and having non! I seemed to have 7 seconds and 13 grips . What a hairdresser fail. It was a odd day , I didnt care!

I had a important stop to make before I could say I do….

And emotional stop off to my grandpa and granny!

Tears everywhere! Theres a photo that broke the photographer to edit, me to receive and I’m not even sure I can post online … it may break you too!

Learning to laugh with it

We headed to the registry office, dettoling hands , cars, ticket machines and keeping our distance, it was a pain taking separate cars, but made sense to stay in family units where possible.

Not issues I ever thought I’d have to think about, I didnt think I’d be hand sanitizing during my interview, so worried they may take it away I forgot Tom’s birthday and my dads job ?‍♀️ I just couldn’t concentrate, it felt like a gag almost, to good to be true!


A photo from my mums phone

The actual ceremony was so heightened. I cried the intire time! No seriously, my photographer is already laughing at what photos she can give me … I just felt like I was floating, I was so happy but even the hour before it could be taken away from me , so I just remember thinking it may be stopped , and then I realised it wasnt going to be…. wed made it! And that made me cry more! ?‍♀️?❤

My poor photographer, my poor makeup!



With 4 guests the photos didnt take long, we took our photographer and set out for some photos just us * I’ll share more soon.

It was odd to just end the wedding, but with nothing open, and no kissy or cuddly photos!? What else is their. . .

No snuggles for this bride

So off we went, we went to Quorn because that’s where me and Tom had our first date and although we couldn’t go to the pub we had our first date we could go the the park that was close


Me cleaning a bench on my wedding day!

After dettoling a empty park bench, our first “meal” was jammy Dodgers and non alcoholic beer from latex gloved hands , the park was basically empty, there was a couple who kept there distance but obviously enjoyed seeing us, turned out it was there 50 year anniversary so they had come for a walk to celebrate, we took that as good luck!

Being adults ??‍♀️

We also passed a young lad who started to video us, I realised he must have been on the phone to someone in icolation and trying to cheer them up, so I waved and blew a kiss. He was to far away to say much but I could here him trying to explain that we where getting married.

We got so many (far away) cheers or congratulations, I think people where happy to see something positive, I’m not sure if they knew it was real or not, our photographer had to shout across that yes, it is!

Only once did a social distance rule get broken….. nobody told a posh looking dog ? he decided to have a close by sniff.

Dress reveal from.6ft away…. I had to sort , tie and carry my own hence the creases because nobody could come close apart from the groom. Who couldnt see me.. remember you could go into homes at this point just try keep distancing (this was the elbow bump time)

However walking past closed shops, people looking out behind glass , home by 2.15 –

You couldnt make this up!

Using gloves and sanitizer to eat since we couldnt handwash

Having a honeymoon in lockdown is…. interesting. I can 100% say, if anyone deserves a holiday at the end of this, it’s my husband! Because…. well probably end up cleaning the house Haha / and counting Tesco’s as a date .

I think my face sums it all up.

So heres to a week of TV, trying not to worry about my own business, trying not to go insane and just honestly hoping everyone stays heathy!

What I can say is, nothing matters – and for that I’ll forever love my weird and wonderful day! – my creased dress, rushed hair, chipped nails, nothing MATTERED.

You realise the core of the day, and all I wanted was to get down that isle! Gone are the stupid petty worrys of streaky tans and rediculas seating charts and lipgloss colours – NOTHING MATTERS, the little stuff is GONE.

And honestly that, that I will keep, that I do wish upon every 2020 bride. Because it wasnt about my guests or “the gram” or keeping anyone happy, and there was something seriously brilliant – and I can highly recommend that silver lining!


and I cant believe I’m a wife! We look forward to our wedding !

❤ a side note. I’ve since seen my husband go to work every day as a key worker, and I couldnt be more scared, proud and glad for our weird chance –

Life has since moved on, were now both key workers since hairdressing and weddings have…. halted. I never thought that would happen. It’s made me even happier we took our weird and wonderful day! And that I’m a wife, I simply dont know when I’d have got my chance like so many of my clients (I’m a bridal hair artist by trade)

At the time, yes we could enter eachothers homes, it seems crazy now – I’m glad we where so sensible and honestly I still giggle at spraying my photographer with dettol, but I have to say I dont regret a single thing . I’m so glad we grabbed our chance!

Hair by myself

Photography – pink Photographics

Bouquet – Charlotte laurie designs

Have you factored in your suppliers !?

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Sure you’ve thought about gran, auntie jean and high chair for baby joe – but what about the suppliers on their feet all day long. The ones on their feet all day, away from family and making your day run smooth…. should you look after them? I mean – you’ve paid them…. right?

Right. Of course! They are doing a job! So it’s not crazy that a handful of people simply ‘ignore’ the ‘staff’ around them; however especially small, self employed lot. – no boss is letting them have a break!


IT IS A DEMANDING DAY, without realising they will skip meals to make it special, so how can you help? Or how should you?

So really its up to you but the better fed, watered and happier your supplier ; the better the work – and after all! We are all humans! (Its nice to be nice ) but this is all optional (unless it’s in their contract!)

I can’t let a random bloke come in a check my boiler without offering him a drink for 10 minutes , never mind have a photographer who I’ve met many times be around my family for 10 hours without all the food and drink!

So who should you factor in, and when?


Hair / makeup /photographer/ videographer are the most common ; consider simply getting extra nibbles and water bottles/ coffee cups (especially in hotel rooms!)


Photographer / videographer are most common to “stay around ” with no breaks. Also consider any entertainment, factor in for any meals (they may wish to eat out the way)

My advice would be think of yourself as that persons employer for the day, keep them well! If they have been with you for longer than 4 hours and you are eating, FEED THEM! if your thirsty, they are. This all sounds really obvious – but honestly I hear some serious horror storys!


PHOTOGRAPHERS GETTING SERIOUS SUN BURN DISPITE SEEING 3/4 PEOPLE WITH SUNSCREEN! and *PREGNANT* photographers husbands having to deliver food to keep them safe!

At my sisters wedding I wasnt sure what she had planned, so I made each supplier a canvas bag that I personalised and filled it with treats! Okay, I hit poundland! – it was mainly lucozade , Jammy Dodgers and crisps but guess what!? – I caught them snacking about 5 times giggling like kids! Obviously like almost all suppliers they had a hot meal put into the contract! But it was nice they had the option to pick between! It couldn’t have cost more than £15! (£20 with the bags!) Betweeen all the maids , hair , makeup and photography And I gave personalised bags to hair and makeup too!

Consider a small thankyou gift – everything from a small bottle of water and a chocolate bar to keep the supplier going to a candle and a thankyou card . – it honestly doesn’t have to cost alot! I’ve been both a supplier and a bride I can tell you honestly! It’s the THOUGHT!

I suppose my point is, even if your low on cash, time, space and food! Go old school- a adorable pack up will make anyone smile! – put a ice bucket full of water and a few beers backstage for the band! A extra box of pastry for your morning crew ! – it’s not all big or expensive; little gifts go a LONG way!

It’s not all big or expensive.

Just make sure they are fed, watered and thought about!

*we are only human!

So how to put this into practice? What and how have we factored in our suppliers?

I’ve factored in hair , makeup and photographers for breakfast (snacks) and bubbles toasts for morning prep (that included more food, more paper plates and glasses)

Weve added extra drinks for each lot of drinks, so call us crazy (crazy) but when we drink, they drink…. yes…. even …. THE BAR! (Told you) welcome drinks , toast drinks, yup. It’s not exact – but assuming my 4 year old nefew doesnt suddenly get a taste for pimms and lemonade. Weve rounded up so theres enough!

When we drink our suppliers drink, it’s not an exact science but round up!

Yes even the bar! (No we arnt rich, weve just used small self employed buisnesses and we appreciate them totally!)

Gifts and cards. This ones hard, it’s a small , budget DIY wedding. weve hand made small thankyou notes. (Sad acts!) Its not much but some suppliers weve had more time with than others, some are their for longer. All will be offered food and drink. But we simply dont have the money to shower gifts on everyone (such is life ) but I know from experience- a thankyou card makes me SQUEAL!

If all the other tips feel over kill and your counting your Penny’s never underestimate the power of a simple card!

And lastly, food. Its obviously. If we eat. They do!

(Again not made of money, were simply getting a dominoes pizza sent out ! )

If your hungry, they are. Paid or not! Its awkward to ask! Feed the humans.

You never know what day they are having!
Or get the kids involved beforehand and hand them out on the day. Its BEYOND cute. Gives the kids a job. Low cost and honestly, no follow up!

I hope this has helped.

I suppose, at the end of this all . You have paid these humans! Theres no NEED to thank or do anything extra for anyone- and theres zero judgement or expectation, this blogs just to help give ideas on HOW to factor in, think and be thoughtful- at the end of it all, its absolutely your call! Your priorities and were all different! I just wanted to start a conversation of the very basics, the reality is, a few extra breakfast bars for a hard working photographer…. it wont break the bank

But the truth. We forget ! Hence…. the blog!

Either way….. enjoy!


Tips for Anxious brides and a smoother wedding morning

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By Plaits And Pin Curls – Wedding Hair Stylist,

I’ve experienced countless wedding mornings, and these are the tricks I have picked up time after time! 4 simple steps to a smoother less stressful morning, and the trick?

it starts the week before….
Tips for Anxious brides and a smoother wedding morning

1- Start the day/night before don’t skip meals ,medication and stay up all night I know its all tempting but you’ve a very full day ahead of you try get your 3 meals in, and home for a reasonable time so you can get the jobs that need doing done leaving tomorrow less stressful
Some to consider

– Your hair washed and dried (legs/shaving/personal care/)
– Make sure you’ve got fresh milk/bread/tea/something easy on your stomach for tomorrow like rich tea or ginger tea
– You may not sleep but leave time to simply RELAX, nod off to a film, mediate, and read!
– Make sure your phone is charged, turn it off early!
– Consider lavender pillow spray (TEST IT AND ANY NEW PRODUCTS IN ADVANCE!) (more…)

Engagment Shoots!

Pre Wedding Posted on Fri, May 03, 2019 18:19:16

So. If you follow me you may have seen a rather exciting announcement! Yes! He FINALLY put a (gorgeous!) Ring on it (*squeels)

And typically were not really doing anything to traditional!

This for us started with an engagement shoot! Now I am fortunate, being ‘in the biz’ (wedding hair specialist) I know how thing tend to go and already know who I’d love to supply at our big day ,however obviously this is still all new to me and I’m ABSOLUTELY not used to being on the lens side of the camera!

I’m hoping by blogging about engagement shoots I can help calm some nerves , give some tips and let you know what your in for!!

So here’s my just haves

1)So first things first. Have a date/venue booked! You may as well utilise your time and take some shots with a ‘save the date ‘ type sign (whatever floats your boat!) Then…. failing ideas for invites your all set – it also means you can make sure your photographer is avalible and book the same human for your engagement shoot and wedding day. (Building a friendship!)

2) check out locations, outside is a risk but you can’t argue it’s normal free or cheaper and the views are mostly better, at the time rain is awful but don’t let it put you off totally it can make some pretty great shots – ( ** do check you’ve got permission to be on any land! ) Think about back drop, colours , theames and feels! For me I stumbled onto a farm! And the back drops where crazy, hay in one direction, feilds in another and huge industrial type backdrops for me I liked the range of options, space and that there was options to shelter and no real reason for random humans to interrupt (we did get the odd confused farmer and a baby lamb but that was ADORABLE!)

3) have a few ideas up your sleeve, So really your photographer should take over but that can make everything look forced, have a look and think about what shots you’d like (e.g.. a close up lovey kiss or a full length of you laughing!?) Then your not all just stood around feeling unsure , you’ve got to lead a little especially if your strangers you photographer won’t know by looking how into PDA’s you are. I’ll cover this more but do concider what makes you both feel relaxed/silly/romantic depending on the outcome you want….and try to do that!

4) expect your face to hurt. Lots of smiles (*take extra lip stuff and water and mints! dry mouth is a THING after half a hour of smile poses and kissing !) I felt unsure in timings but a hour was more than enough for us! Seriously, I was knackered!

5) don’t feel you HAVE to do anything. If your not big on kissing for the camera but love scrabble then play scrabble in a pretty park! If you are camera shy but huge foodies bake a cake or have a good food fight! Whatever takes your mind off the camera! Now obviously I’m in the right biz (wedding hair) I’m thankful I’ve lots of great connections so I could put together something that’s perhaps not “the norm” but to be honest we in our 5 year relationship have NEVER gone to the woods and piggybacked eachother…. So the thought of doing that for a shoot felt odd!

However I am on set ALOT for my job! Styling hair for mags or clothing brand ect and we LOVE movies! I’ve also wanted to get Tom a delorean since we met , I looked into renting one many times for various occations but thanks to a bit of saving up i was finally able too!

And it was great to have a prop to get dressed up- We’re not a overly PDA couple – and I’m always for fun and unique over most things. So for us it worked. And it was really nice for me to do something we both like, but back to the future is one of Tom’s all time fave films! (Don’t worry I’ll be getting my revenge by sneaking alot of Disney into the wedding *evil laugh*!)

And i wanted to do something special for him!

But what’s Tom’s top tips? From Tom (male opinion! )

1) dress in something that’s comfortable, but add colour or your own style – we had alot of dark backdrops so as it happened my light jacket worked well and tied in with our theame.*

2) there are times you may feel like a supporting role, there’s lots of ring close ups ; I was glad to have a prop that was more my style rather than just stood in the woods looking awkward (I got to stand next to a cool car and look awkward ) it gave me something to focus on and work around !

3) it’s only awkward if you don’t loosen up , Lauren asked for photos with some movement just to relax us – we jumped in the air and pulled faces even if that’s not the look you want, it’s worth starting with something that will just limber you up to having a camera in your face

4) I’d reccomend props if I had to do it again, whatever your into – if that’s a pet or picnic or whatever you like it’s not so focused on what your face is doing.

So this is how I worked out what to do

1) created a budget (and asked my photographer if engagement shoots where part of the package, turns out they commonly are!)

2) got avalible dates from me, TOM and our photographer Frankie (concider mid week in the daytime , the lighting is better and of your using a public space there’s less lightly to be photobombers!)

3) had a look online and started to get an idea of what I did and didn’t want from a shoot, looked it over with Tom – we came up with a % system! For us it’s was 60%fun! 30% romantic PDA 10% randomly epic

4) venue search now your armed with possible dates and a feel for what you want – get permission! Work out if there’s any costs and how it fits with the look you want (does chilled out work in a castle?)

5) book/make/order any props – questions to ask are usually cost, times avalible, how long for /set up/take down ,insurance , will it fit , can it be outside in the rain? Ect…. Don’t be afraid to ask if it’s mid week – is it any cheaper?

6) outfits- be you!

7) polish that ring up!

8) keep calm, smile, have fun! And enjoy – try everything , you won’t see the bad photos so who cares! A good photographer will only send the winners anyway! … well unless you happen to be really good friends with the Photographer and she send winners like this ….

Have Fun, Be You and ENJOY!

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Laurens Jacket – Sammy Lea Retro Emporium on facebook, shes also on etsy!

Laurens dress –

Toms Jacket –

Car – from Starcar hire

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