So. If you follow me you may have seen a rather exciting announcement! Yes! He FINALLY put a (gorgeous!) Ring on it (*squeels)

And typically were not really doing anything to traditional!

This for us started with an engagement shoot! Now I am fortunate, being ‘in the biz’ (wedding hair specialist) I know how thing tend to go and already know who I’d love to supply at our big day ,however obviously this is still all new to me and I’m ABSOLUTELY not used to being on the lens side of the camera!

I’m hoping by blogging about engagement shoots I can help calm some nerves , give some tips and let you know what your in for!!

So here’s my just haves

1)So first things first. Have a date/venue booked! You may as well utilise your time and take some shots with a ‘save the date ‘ type sign (whatever floats your boat!) Then…. failing ideas for invites your all set – it also means you can make sure your photographer is avalible and book the same human for your engagement shoot and wedding day. (Building a friendship!)

2) check out locations, outside is a risk but you can’t argue it’s normal free or cheaper and the views are mostly better, at the time rain is awful but don’t let it put you off totally it can make some pretty great shots – ( ** do check you’ve got permission to be on any land! ) Think about back drop, colours , theames and feels! For me I stumbled onto a farm! And the back drops where crazy, hay in one direction, feilds in another and huge industrial type backdrops for me I liked the range of options, space and that there was options to shelter and no real reason for random humans to interrupt (we did get the odd confused farmer and a baby lamb but that was ADORABLE!)

3) have a few ideas up your sleeve, So really your photographer should take over but that can make everything look forced, have a look and think about what shots you’d like (e.g.. a close up lovey kiss or a full length of you laughing!?) Then your not all just stood around feeling unsure , you’ve got to lead a little especially if your strangers you photographer won’t know by looking how into PDA’s you are. I’ll cover this more but do concider what makes you both feel relaxed/silly/romantic depending on the outcome you want….and try to do that!

4) expect your face to hurt. Lots of smiles (*take extra lip stuff and water and mints! dry mouth is a THING after half a hour of smile poses and kissing !) I felt unsure in timings but a hour was more than enough for us! Seriously, I was knackered!

5) don’t feel you HAVE to do anything. If your not big on kissing for the camera but love scrabble then play scrabble in a pretty park! If you are camera shy but huge foodies bake a cake or have a good food fight! Whatever takes your mind off the camera! Now obviously I’m in the right biz (wedding hair) I’m thankful I’ve lots of great connections so I could put together something that’s perhaps not “the norm” but to be honest we in our 5 year relationship have NEVER gone to the woods and piggybacked eachother…. So the thought of doing that for a shoot felt odd!

However I am on set ALOT for my job! Styling hair for mags or clothing brand ect and we LOVE movies! I’ve also wanted to get Tom a delorean since we met , I looked into renting one many times for various occations but thanks to a bit of saving up i was finally able too!

And it was great to have a prop to get dressed up- We’re not a overly PDA couple – and I’m always for fun and unique over most things. So for us it worked. And it was really nice for me to do something we both like, but back to the future is one of Tom’s all time fave films! (Don’t worry I’ll be getting my revenge by sneaking alot of Disney into the wedding *evil laugh*!)

And i wanted to do something special for him!

But what’s Tom’s top tips? From Tom (male opinion! )

1) dress in something that’s comfortable, but add colour or your own style – we had alot of dark backdrops so as it happened my light jacket worked well and tied in with our theame.*

2) there are times you may feel like a supporting role, there’s lots of ring close ups ; I was glad to have a prop that was more my style rather than just stood in the woods looking awkward (I got to stand next to a cool car and look awkward ) it gave me something to focus on and work around !

3) it’s only awkward if you don’t loosen up , Lauren asked for photos with some movement just to relax us – we jumped in the air and pulled faces even if that’s not the look you want, it’s worth starting with something that will just limber you up to having a camera in your face

4) I’d reccomend props if I had to do it again, whatever your into – if that’s a pet or picnic or whatever you like it’s not so focused on what your face is doing.

So this is how I worked out what to do

1) created a budget (and asked my photographer if engagement shoots where part of the package, turns out they commonly are!)

2) got avalible dates from me, TOM and our photographer Frankie (concider mid week in the daytime , the lighting is better and of your using a public space there’s less lightly to be photobombers!)

3) had a look online and started to get an idea of what I did and didn’t want from a shoot, looked it over with Tom – we came up with a % system! For us it’s was 60%fun! 30% romantic PDA 10% randomly epic

4) venue search now your armed with possible dates and a feel for what you want – get permission! Work out if there’s any costs and how it fits with the look you want (does chilled out work in a castle?)

5) book/make/order any props – questions to ask are usually cost, times avalible, how long for /set up/take down ,insurance , will it fit , can it be outside in the rain? Ect…. Don’t be afraid to ask if it’s mid week – is it any cheaper?

6) outfits- be you!

7) polish that ring up!

8) keep calm, smile, have fun! And enjoy – try everything , you won’t see the bad photos so who cares! A good photographer will only send the winners anyway! … well unless you happen to be really good friends with the Photographer and she send winners like this ….

Have Fun, Be You and ENJOY!

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Laurens Jacket – Sammy Lea Retro Emporium on facebook, shes also on etsy!

Laurens dress –

Toms Jacket –

Car – from Starcar hire