By Plaits And Pin Curls – Wedding Hair Stylist,

I’ve experienced countless wedding mornings, and these are the tricks I have picked up time after time! 4 simple steps to a smoother less stressful morning, and the trick?

it starts the week before….
Tips for Anxious brides and a smoother wedding morning

1- Start the day/night before don’t skip meals ,medication and stay up all night I know its all tempting but you’ve a very full day ahead of you try get your 3 meals in, and home for a reasonable time so you can get the jobs that need doing done leaving tomorrow less stressful
Some to consider

– Your hair washed and dried (legs/shaving/personal care/)
– Make sure you’ve got fresh milk/bread/tea/something easy on your stomach for tomorrow like rich tea or ginger tea
– You may not sleep but leave time to simply RELAX, nod off to a film, mediate, and read!
– Make sure your phone is charged, turn it off early!
– Consider lavender pillow spray (TEST IT AND ANY NEW PRODUCTS IN ADVANCE!)2- Get your mum ready EARLY, seriously – they ALL flap, no she’s not different, I know she’s not a regular mum shoes a ‘cool’ mum; she will STILL flap, get her ready 45 mins before your registrar/you need to leave that gives you 45 mins to put your dress on she’s totally ready (hair , makeup, dress, shoes, hate, bags packed the LOT)  – 

Generally as a basic idea its makeup , hair , dress then door for you as the bride and things book in 45 minute slots (ish) so, that last 45 minute slot you shouldn’t have anything to do but put your dress on, if mums totally ready (she should be done by the time your hair finishes ish) she can strap you in whilst your last maid is getting her pamper! -great photos, minimum mum faf. 

seriously have a GOOD run down/timetable, I give my brides military operation, they know who’s first, second , third and what time, I even advise them when to eat and get dressed!  

I mean its up to them if they follow it, weddings never follow by the second, but hay – my brides get to the isle on time and that gives me such happiness!

3- Here’s my BIGGEST – the WEEK before, send a reminder text/email to ALL your suppliers , confirm the time, date location , any payment and what they are supplying and what time they are bringing/taking away etc. finish that email by saying you are choosing NOT to have your phone on you, so if anything is needed on the day to call your MAID OF HONOUR – add a name and number , and TURN YOUR PHONE ON SILENT

– Consider telling your guests the same , you don’t REALLY have to turn your phone off, you just have to limit calls, because people just don’t think; they aren’t being rude, but one call turns into 15 very very very quickly (believe me)
– Consider having a male side to, as in best man number to get hold of groom to give your OH a break

4- Take paper plates and bin bags and nibbles and  put a bridesmaid in charge of clean up, say NO to visitors, 6 bridesmaids, 1 bride, 2 photographers, 2 hairdressers, 1 MUA, a huge dress, 5 cases, and one bathroom? – you DO NOT NEED ANY VISITORS – no, see them later! – remember it can get overwhelming for any bride but more so if you suffer, you dont need it! – consider nibbles and snacks that’s easier to pick at rather than heavy greasy food you need to cook (save the washing up!)



Rescue remedy – Lavender pillow spray/oils for bath/defuser – Ginger tea – Paper plates, cups , flutes & bin bags – Nibbles (include your suppliers – IT’S A LONG DAY FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS!) – CALM app and head phones (headspace or whatever works!) – A mini first aid kit, scissors, pain killers, plasters, mini sewing kit (emergency!) toothbrush & paste , straws (paper) , safety pins. – A dressing gown/p.js you can take off easy, it’s nice to look nice, but it’s stressful to be cold! – mints

I think its safe to expect to have a moment at some point! its normal! you are NOT alone, weird or odd – I see it EVERY WEEKEND ; its a part of life and certainly a part of weddings, stress, anxiety and emotions – simply prepare the best you can

I hope my 4 top tips have been helpful, alongside my emergency shopping list!

remember – have faith in your suppliers! YOU HAVE THIS!

Lauren, Plaits and Pin Curls –