Sure you’ve thought about gran, auntie jean and high chair for baby joe – but what about the suppliers on their feet all day long. The ones on their feet all day, away from family and making your day run smooth…. should you look after them? I mean – you’ve paid them…. right?

Right. Of course! They are doing a job! So it’s not crazy that a handful of people simply ‘ignore’ the ‘staff’ around them; however especially small, self employed lot. – no boss is letting them have a break!


IT IS A DEMANDING DAY, without realising they will skip meals to make it special, so how can you help? Or how should you?

So really its up to you but the better fed, watered and happier your supplier ; the better the work – and after all! We are all humans! (Its nice to be nice ) but this is all optional (unless it’s in their contract!)

I can’t let a random bloke come in a check my boiler without offering him a drink for 10 minutes , never mind have a photographer who I’ve met many times be around my family for 10 hours without all the food and drink!

So who should you factor in, and when?


Hair / makeup /photographer/ videographer are the most common ; consider simply getting extra nibbles and water bottles/ coffee cups (especially in hotel rooms!)


Photographer / videographer are most common to “stay around ” with no breaks. Also consider any entertainment, factor in for any meals (they may wish to eat out the way)

My advice would be think of yourself as that persons employer for the day, keep them well! If they have been with you for longer than 4 hours and you are eating, FEED THEM! if your thirsty, they are. This all sounds really obvious – but honestly I hear some serious horror storys!


PHOTOGRAPHERS GETTING SERIOUS SUN BURN DISPITE SEEING 3/4 PEOPLE WITH SUNSCREEN! and *PREGNANT* photographers husbands having to deliver food to keep them safe!

At my sisters wedding I wasnt sure what she had planned, so I made each supplier a canvas bag that I personalised and filled it with treats! Okay, I hit poundland! – it was mainly lucozade , Jammy Dodgers and crisps but guess what!? – I caught them snacking about 5 times giggling like kids! Obviously like almost all suppliers they had a hot meal put into the contract! But it was nice they had the option to pick between! It couldn’t have cost more than £15! (£20 with the bags!) Betweeen all the maids , hair , makeup and photography And I gave personalised bags to hair and makeup too!

Consider a small thankyou gift – everything from a small bottle of water and a chocolate bar to keep the supplier going to a candle and a thankyou card . – it honestly doesn’t have to cost alot! I’ve been both a supplier and a bride I can tell you honestly! It’s the THOUGHT!

I suppose my point is, even if your low on cash, time, space and food! Go old school- a adorable pack up will make anyone smile! – put a ice bucket full of water and a few beers backstage for the band! A extra box of pastry for your morning crew ! – it’s not all big or expensive; little gifts go a LONG way!

It’s not all big or expensive.

Just make sure they are fed, watered and thought about!

*we are only human!

So how to put this into practice? What and how have we factored in our suppliers?

I’ve factored in hair , makeup and photographers for breakfast (snacks) and bubbles toasts for morning prep (that included more food, more paper plates and glasses)

Weve added extra drinks for each lot of drinks, so call us crazy (crazy) but when we drink, they drink…. yes…. even …. THE BAR! (Told you) welcome drinks , toast drinks, yup. It’s not exact – but assuming my 4 year old nefew doesnt suddenly get a taste for pimms and lemonade. Weve rounded up so theres enough!

When we drink our suppliers drink, it’s not an exact science but round up!

Yes even the bar! (No we arnt rich, weve just used small self employed buisnesses and we appreciate them totally!)

Gifts and cards. This ones hard, it’s a small , budget DIY wedding. weve hand made small thankyou notes. (Sad acts!) Its not much but some suppliers weve had more time with than others, some are their for longer. All will be offered food and drink. But we simply dont have the money to shower gifts on everyone (such is life ) but I know from experience- a thankyou card makes me SQUEAL!

If all the other tips feel over kill and your counting your Penny’s never underestimate the power of a simple card!

And lastly, food. Its obviously. If we eat. They do!

(Again not made of money, were simply getting a dominoes pizza sent out ! )

If your hungry, they are. Paid or not! Its awkward to ask! Feed the humans.

You never know what day they are having!
Or get the kids involved beforehand and hand them out on the day. Its BEYOND cute. Gives the kids a job. Low cost and honestly, no follow up!

I hope this has helped.

I suppose, at the end of this all . You have paid these humans! Theres no NEED to thank or do anything extra for anyone- and theres zero judgement or expectation, this blogs just to help give ideas on HOW to factor in, think and be thoughtful- at the end of it all, its absolutely your call! Your priorities and were all different! I just wanted to start a conversation of the very basics, the reality is, a few extra breakfast bars for a hard working photographer…. it wont break the bank

But the truth. We forget ! Hence…. the blog!

Either way….. enjoy!