So i want to start by saying, I absolutely know theres “worse” things and I understand theres “bigger fish to fry” ; but I also wanted to try help validate some feeling I’m having and so are my brides.

I wasnt to say, its absolutely OKAY to feel overwhelmed planning any wedding, or important event is hard- it’s only natural us 2020 brides may be feeling the pressure slightly differently ! Weve COVID-19 on our radars !

You are not a BAD PERSON OR SELFISH for worrying about something you’ve been dreaming about since you where 5

And have invited everyone you love too!

Weddings are expensive! And for most of us once in a life time events, they are precious, its VALID you if your having moments of stress or anxiety.

What a time to be a bride

So it’s time to get serious, theres not alot we can do; but what IS in our control?

Heres some things I’ve put into place

  1. Hand washing signs in each bathroom (make sure there is hand wash and disposable towels at each sink! )
  2. A pump action hand sanitizer on the bar with a “between hand washing ” reminder sign
  3. Another sign reminder and gloves for any food areas (think candy carts!, everyone is using the same handles, and after the 15th beer….. may get not sing happy birthday so well)

4. It may be worth considering the elderly may not be aloud (crying) or it may be worth telling them not to come (crying ) so, after crying, Skype or just the ceremony (straight to the chair, straight home, no conversation or contact) or perhaps pop your dress on for a photoshoot the day before* (crying ) so you have those precious moments

5. Assuming the wedding as a whole doesnt get cancelled, we may consider cancelling the afternoon guests (if we feel we need too) this limits another load of people, and another round of food ! (Sad, but sensible)

Honestly i think my biggest tip is , it’s okay to be over cautious the weeks leading to your wedding! – nothing can go ahead if your both sick. – and I really dont think meals out and cinima dates are absolutely necessary, just bunker down a little, live a little more simple life, it’s hard to say no! Be strong.

Live more simply the weeks leading upto your wedding

Worst case you’ve just saved some money!

I’m obviously not pretending this is what I dreamt of when I was drawing wedding dresses at age 5 in my grandads house, a pandemic wasnt on my list!

The reality of cancellation, no guests or lack of anyone over a certain age is…. horrendous; and we simply havent got the money to cancel and rearrange- but are simultaneously hoping were not cancelled on, but dont want a “half” wedding day .

No bride can seem to win at the moment, but we can prepare a little . We can support and help!




Because I’ve convinced myself a few times I’ve single handedly brought this on by DARING to plan a nice wedding 😩😂

And the reality is, what will be will be !

We all know the rules, be sensible-

As a supplier as well I know It from both sides ; and i cant explain how much we want to stay well for you all (most of our houses depend on it) but it only works if were not invited into a “lions den” – so thankfully one thing I do know is brides will look after brides , 💪

Dont discount a bride who’s worried , support her, nobody is worry free,

Prepare for a slightly different day, explore options such as different greetings, or even refusing to serve a new glass untill the old is handed in to stop mix ups!

Weve already explained we prefer a elbow bump!

And if your reading this as a non-bride.

PLEASE. Do us a favour, dont keep talking about your yearly holiday to wherever getting cancelled, were sad for you…. honestly! But…. you go every year….and….. unless you invited 60- 200 people on your holiday…. just, let us have our say yeah? Cheers (all 10 people 😂🤦‍♀️) and then were totally happy to feel sad with you. X

I cant explain how much I’m with you girls, remember marriage is the aim not a wedding day, but please note this blog isnt to spread fear or hopelessness. It’s to feel less like a freak, you are NOT alone!

But please try to be sensible, have back up plans. And reasure your guests!

You may find it’s the small intimate ceremony you actually wanted (and if all else fails, take the piss out of it all, it’s all anyone will talk about anyway!)