A blog on sanitary pads, how nice!

Well yes; kinda – were girls! We have questions. And I’m going to answer them and let you know if resuable really converted me.

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So let’s start with the cons –

  1. the initial cost, setting up can feel more expensive (it’s not long term) but its having the money to invest!
  2. Washing set up, took me a while to get used to
  3. Drying , your room mate/husband needs to be on board
By Candy cat pin – featured by the eco shop- https://theecoshopuk.com/collections/candy-cat-pins/products/reusable-sanitary-pads-standard-flow-candy-cat-pins?variant=31768977408066

The pros –

  • Better for the invoroment
  • Less chemicals and perfumes and plastics on your hu-hah
  • Many women complain less of menstrual cramps using natural products
  • No bathroom bin!
  • Once you sort your washing routine it isnt a faf
  • Much cheaper (once your invested they last and last !)
  • Nice designs and no weird crinkle sounds when you change in public bathrooms
You so pretty, have a brownie.

So what did I find ? They are worth trying the effect women have collectively on landfill is…. horrifying. And it’s a necessity of course! But if women even considered swapping to resuable pads just to sleep in, collectively the effects wed have to plastic that doesnt biodegrade over the span of a year, nevermind from puberty to menopause would actually make a dent !

I found I would recommend reusable pads when sleeping to any woman ideally the winged ones , they dont budge, super absorbent and NO LEAKING! A cheap and easy way to help without it effecting your every day life .

As for all day every day, I have switched! And I dont plan to return, I do have an emergency packet of plastic ones; and I’d use them if needed; but honestly I’ve found a year later they are still unused.

How do you wash them?

Rince with cold water , and pop them in a wash. –

Top tips – having your own small wash bucket to transport rinced pads and a drying octopus (I dont know if that’s what they are called but the thing with pegs on that dry pants and socks! 😆)

Nah, I’m finnnneeeee

It may seem odd to some to blog about periods ! But I’m converted , even if you just try them to sleep in, I cant recommend them enough- you can carry on as normal!

But that’s small choice will make a impact to landfil through your life. (And your p.js will look better! Bonus)

Top tips – if your new to it all

  • Almost all do but make sure yours have poppers to act like wings and secure in place, weirdly they dont move because cloth isnt that slippy
  • Get a darker colourd inset, although the cool water rince you give them (good for blood stains ) wash and dry in the sun does most the work I would always buy black 🤷‍♀️
  • You can get different shapes and strengths, that’s why I’d recommend a small buisness over a internet add they all come from China I was told by the well known online seller! (Paid a fortune too)
  • If your shy and dry inside forget to cool rince them yeah they can stain you can carefully remedy this problem with but easy onthe chemicals!
  • Snug granny pants! Most my friends that tried and failed where using flimsy knickers. Okay in probably jealous you can look or feel nice t this point of the month 😆 but try a proper knicker like the rest of us loosers (your making us look bad )

So since my blog is mainly found for bridal advice I suppose the main question is would I were one for my wedding day?

Well…. no. I couldnt rince on my big day .

I’d happily ware one to work or any other day (and have for well over a year!)

But for bridal advice – I’d look into period pants as a back up and use conventional pads knowing I’ve a fail safe

Then continue with reusable! 😘

Hope that helps and answers all your questions! –

Lauren from www.plaitsandpincurls.co.uk

Bridal hair artistry from the East Midlands