Last month I put my name forward to a local charity called ‘Gift of a wedding’ an amazing organisation that helps give a dream wedding to people with a terminal illness where they have little time and funds to plan their special day.

Companies and suppliers offer to help with various acts of kindness, to make the day special; and it was something I really wanted to support.

However I was nervous ….yes I know!
That sounds so odd, it’s not MY wedding day!
I’ve done countless brides hair, it’s become second nature.

But I think I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, and I think that’s what stopped me from putting my name forward in the past.

So I wanted to write this to show my experience, in hope that it would encourage others to take part too!

So for this particular charity (and I expect in most cases, because of the delicate nature of the job and time issues) you don’t get much notice.
‘Gift of a wedding’ post on Facebook to ask for help just a few weeks before the big day, and they will post a general location, so it’s great you can have a basic idea of travel time and the date before you get in touch.

*saves wasting time, another fear I had!

You need to have your insurance info on hand really, have it ready to go!

Once that’s been sorted I received a contract type form, most of the info didn’t apply to me, but it was little things to keep the day running smoothly, and lots of common sense, I’m not so confident in reading (dyslexia) but it wasn’t scary!
I liked that they reminded you to keep positive and kept a happy vibe, it set the tone!

I was then put in touch with the bride and groom, the company were fantastic at telling me who to contact (in this case, it was the groom, not the norm for wedding hair, but they explained that the bride was having a lot of hospital appointments,
again i didn’t want to call at a bad time, so it was thoughtful!)

We swapped a few texts (as trials were not possible at such notice!) and I arranged a time and location…

On the day, I was nervous driving, it was hard not having had a trial or much of a chat, so I just hoped the bride was happy with her hair on the day!

But the atmosphere was lovely, it was a gorgeous giggly morning and her best friend was just as Disney obsessed as me (bonus!) there were a few other suppliers on board making her morning special, a MUA, Photographer and videographer.

I don’t think it really felt like anything other than any other wedding morning until later that night, I couldn’t help feeling happy and a little overwhelmed by the help what was given, photography especially, it’s all day and all night with days of editing!

It was so kind, it definitely has the side effect of leaving you with a little glow!

Lets face it if you’re in this job, making brides happy makes you happy (or you’re in the wrong job!). The added bonus of helping a charity and a bride in need was something that was important to me.
I had my own reasons for helping out, but I also think sometimes you can forget that your job does in fact make a difference to someone’s day!

I think I forget that it can not only take pressure off what most women find a stressful morning but it also reminds you why you love what you do.

Now I’m by no means posting this for a reaction, it’s not about that, and its definitely not the reason to do something like this.
I’m posting this to give insight to other suppliers, to understand a situation you’re not used to…no trials, no contact, not even knowing the brides name or exact location until a few days before, it was very daunting!

It was a mixed bag of emotions, but now I know what to expect it’s something I look forward to volunteering for again!
I do feel it’s the job of the suppliers to keep the vibe of the room happy (it’s a pretty big day after all!) but I feel that’s the same with any morning.

It was a little hard just turning up and introducing yourself, then just trying to get the hair perfect on the first try!
But it definitely gives you confidence in your abilities when the bride is happy!
It felt precious.

I can definitely recommend Gift of a wedding as a charity to support and enjoying your job for the day on a whole new level. (and it not feeling like work!)

Sign up! Give it a go! Don’t be nervous!
You will be helping a family build memories to treasure forever X

If you can’t help with supplies then why not make a donation to
Gift of a wedding

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